Hi! I’m Gabe. The blog this week is about the MLB PLAYOFFS 2013!

Lets start with the wild card teams. If you don’t know what that is, it’s okay. I was just about to tell you. So there is three divisions, the west, the central, and the east. In the playoffs, there are eight teams that qualify. There are two leagues. there’s the American League and the National League. Because there are only three divisions and two leagues and three teams that qualify from each league, there has to be a fourth team to face one of the leaders of a division. The wild card is the team with the best record that is in 2nd place in a division. The team that has the best record and is in 2nd place that has a better record than any other 2nd place team is the wild card winner. From the National league, the Pittsburgh Pirates won the wild card. And from the American League, the Tampa Bay Rays won the wild card.

So the Rays went on to Face the heavily favored Boston Red Sox, and the Pirates went on to face the St. Louis Cardinals. The heavily favored Los Angeles Dodgers faced the Atlanta Braves, and the Detroit Tigers faced the Oakland Athletics in the AL and NL division series. The Red Sox beat the Rays to advance to the AL championship series, and the Tigers beat the A’s to move to the ALCS. The Dodgers beat the Braves to go to the NLCS, and the Card’s beat the Pirates to go to the NLCS.

The Red Sox knocked out the Tigers to advance to the World Series, and the Card’s knocked out the Dodgers to also advance to the World Series.

So now it’s just two teams facing each other for glory. The Red Sox and the Cardinals. So turn on your TV and watch some of the World Series!

Please leave in the comments who you think is going to win the World Series!



Randy Levine
10/24/2013 7:46pm

I think that the Red Sox are going to pull it out and win it all. Great blog son!:-)


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