The Changes to our School

During the summer, one of the student’s mom’s decided to paint the school. With approval from our principle and the temple, we started. A lot of kids and parents helped with everything. We first painted a whole new coat of white on the whole school. It took awhile, but finally we were ready to add some color. Magenta, Lime green, Aqua, were added to make the school more colorful. Everyone helped, and it was really fun.

Then, the teachers  made a few changes to the classrooms. We got new rugs, more books for Kendall and Bob’s classroom, more supplies, a new basketball hoop, hooks for our backpacks and lunchboxes , and over time, we got 7 new computers!

I think the changes that happened to our school are really cool, and I’m really happy about it.

by: Lola


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