Day of the Dead

By: Amel

Happy Dia De Los Muertos, or in other words Day of the Dead. Day of the Dead is a special celebration, where it is believe that spirits from the dead come back to see their loved ones. This holiday  has been celebrated since the pre-columbian times. The Aztecs, Mayans, Purepechas, and the Totonacs originally celebrated it in the mid-summer. Now it is celebrated on the 1st and 2nd of November.

On the Day of the Dead people celebrate by going to their dead loved ones’ graves and decorating them with things the deceased liked, like their favorite foods, toys, and their belongings. Sometimes they also put pictures, flowers, sugar skulls, candles, and paper mache skeletons on the graves.

The children 13  and younger who have died are remembered on the 1st of November, Dia de los Angelitos (Day of the little Angels). Adults are remembered on the second day of November.

So to celebrate the Day of the Dead 4th, 5th, and 6th graders will be going to Olvera Street for a day. We’ll do an activity and learn a little about what people do and wear on the celebration.




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